Welcome to Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada’s smallest province located on the east coast of North America. This is the ideal place to study, live, work and raise a family.

Due to COVID-19, all non-essential travel to Prince Edward Island is prohibited. If you plan to travel to the province, follow the pre-travel approval process.

PEI offers rewarding career opportunities and a business community that is supportive of entrepreneurs. Students come to PEI from more than 60 countries to experience first-rate education. The higher education programs are meeting the demands for a skilled workforce with industry-specific programs and degrees in diverse fields.

PEI’s population is growing. New people are coming to the province, bringing new ideas and possibilities and contributing to the social and economic fabric.


Pathways to immigrate to Prince Edward Island

  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  • Expression of Interest
  • Immigrate to PEI as a Worker
  • Immigrate to PEI as an Entrepreneur


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